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 Law Firm Donates Basketball Uniforms to Finance Soldiers

16th Sustainment Brigade



Soldiers from the 101st Financial Management Co., 16th Special  Troops Battalion, 16th Sustainment Brigade, have been in desperate need  of new basketball uniform since the beginning of their deployment.  

The team, No Limit, had been playing in old football practice  uniforms. The team wanted to purchase uniforms for the spring basketball  season, but found that it cost too much money to purchase customized  uniforms and have them shipped to Iraq.  

2nd Lt. Andres Leon, executive officer, 101st FM Co., wrote a  letter to his friend in his hometown of Miami, Fl., Toni L. Villaverde,  president, Toni Villaverde PLLC Law Firm, and requested sponsorship for  team uniforms. Villaverde accepted the request and the team received  their uniforms in time to begin the season.   

“The uniforms have been a big moral boost to our team,” said Cpl.  Alexius McClain, 101st FM Co. “Without the help of Mrs. Villaverde, we  would still be playing in those uncomfortable football jerseys. The  uniforms have definitely increased our moral, and make us feel like a  real team.”  

“The team’s goal is to win the championship and mail the trophy  to Mrs. Villaverde in appreciation for sponsorship, appreciation and  dedication to our team and the US Army,” said player/coach and Boston,  Mass., native Sgt. 1st Class Alexander Barkley, 106th FM Co.   

No Limit is 4-2 and tied for second place in their division as of  Feb. 20. McClain leads the league in scoring. The Chicago, Ill., native  is averaging 25 points a game.